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The World's Finest Warning Sirens

(L) Scott Yarberry, SVP / COO (R) Bill Yarberry, President / CEO

Sentry Siren, Inc. has been producing the world’s finest warning sirens since 1905. Formerly Sterling Siren and Fire Alarm, the company began production of the famous Model M-Series warning sirens in the late 1910’s and early 1920’s. These durable units saw extensive use in many applications including Fire Departments, air raid sirens, and basic disaster warning. The last Model M was produced in the late 1980’s. These “M’s” are still revered and sought after even today. Additionally, A model M-5 produced in 1917 is still in use today by the Manchester, Michigan Fire Department. That’s right, over 90 years of use.  Sterling also produced numerous Fire Truck sirens, smaller industrial sirens, call boxes, and for a short time they even made washing machines.

Sterling was moved from Rochester, NY to Canon City, CO in 1972 and renamed Sentry Siren, Inc. Sentry continues to operate in the majestic Colorado Rockies.  Motivated by a desire to produce the best performing, highest quality, and most reliable sirens available, each Sentry Siren is hand built to exhausting standards.  As the designer and producer of the world’s finest warning sirens, we pride ourselves on our outstanding workmanship, unmatched customer service, and bullet-proof reliability. Below are a few more points to consider:

  • We are the only company to use fan cooled, industrial quality, continuous duty motors, for the ultimate in reliability.

  • We are the only company that uses siren controllers that are field programmable and field serviceable and USER adjustable.  Therefore, if service is required, a qualified mobile service technician can service the unit in the field, preventing service interruption.  Further, if a simple change to the unit is required, basic functions can be adjusted by the user preventing the need for a service call.  Sentry Siren will work with your local service technician to ensure any repairs are completed quickly and correctly.

  • With our five-year, 100% parts and labor warranty, you can be assured your system will be functional at all times.

  • Lightning arrestors are available on all sirens.

  • We employ “Single Ingot Sampling” techniques when producing our rotors and stators to ensure even expansion and contraction of the Siren’s internal workings.   This process ensures a siren’s performance will not degrade over time like those of our competitors.

  • Sound projection from our sirens is omni-directional: Full decibel output in all directions at all times.

  • We are as near as your phone. With a toll free number, you will talk directly with the manufacturer; no misinformed sales persons, no red tape. Further, we have sales representatives throughout the U.S. who are available to assist you through any difficulties.

  • Sentry Sirens are built for a minimum of 25 years of trouble free use, but normally see 40+ years of service.


Concerning life expectancy, we estimate this value based on the ratings our motors and bearings carry, as well as real world testing and experience.  The motors used in our AC and DC sirens are custom built for each particular siren.  We did not take the “easy road” and use a store bought motor to accomplish the task of powering our premium sirens.  Our motor / bearing combination has the ability to provide 10,000 hours of work before needing service.  To explain just how long that is: given a standard 3 minute activation, this equates to 200,000 activations.  Based on a weekly test with an average number of emergencies, your siren’s motor would need servicing after 2,500 years.  That’s a pretty long life.

Therefore, our life expectancy rating must be based on other factors, such as rust or environmental damage.  Given the huge variance in factors facing installations, we choose to use zinc galvanized, phosphatized, and powder coated metals for our siren bodies.  We’ve found these metals to be the best defense to the perils of Mother Nature.  At the end of the day, we estimate our sirens to be useable for a minimum of 25 years.  Although, some will certainly last longer, we must find a number we’re all comfortable with.

Through 100+ years, Sentry has prided itself on making bulletproof equipment. You will not find a higher quality product as we are well known for our outstanding workmanship and unmatched durability.   Our pride rests on our quality, and we’re pretty proud.

The Choice Is Simple …

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