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Siren System Control Software

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For years, emergency personnel struggled with receiving timely weather warnings from a dedicated and reliable source.  The warnings were sometimes late, sometimes false, and worst of all, sometimes not received.  This problem lead to the question “When do we activate our sirens, pagers, or emergency action plan?”

The key ingredient in the new STORM SENTRY Weather Monitoring System is software that interprets and understands weather data.  The STORM SENTRY has revolutionized the emergency signaling market by making weather / emergency notification easier, faster, and best of all, AUTOMATIC.

With our weather monitoring software, you take take control of your severe weather sirens with all the information from the National Weather Service and put it in one place, your office.  Best of all, do all this for one small cost; no monthly or yearly contracts.  A one time purchase of the hardware and software buys the user a lifetime of weather security.

Call today and let us help you explore what is possible with the STORM SENTRY. 


Emergency management personnel have a difficult job and severe storms present unique difficulties and challenges that are best tackled with the help of one simple friend…. Information. The more information available to emergency workers, the easier and more accurate their decisions become, and therefore, their duties become easier as well.

It was with these facts in mind that we at Sentry Siren developed Storm Sentry and eventually, our latest offering, S.T.A.R. The S.T.A.R. system is a simple, yet advanced way to activate, control, and monitor the health of your severe weather siren system. The STAR communicates, in real time, with each siren in the field independently, and continues to update emergency personnel as to the current status. Know at a moment’s glance if you have had a power failure, dead battery, radio communication issue or even damage from vandalism.

The S.T.A.R. utilizes a proven method of reliable communication that is secure, and non proprietary for siren control. We won’t sell you a computer system that only we can fix or upgrade. We believe in ease of use and trust, that’s the Sentry way.

outdoor warning sirens for sale
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