Industrial Warning Sirens

Customized, Reliable Warning Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a utility siren, fire station siren, or a customized comprehensive industrial warning siren system, Sentry Siren will meet your needs. Our diverse product line includes electro-mechanical sirens as well as electronic siren models. Whether you need a 32 tone electronic siren with a strobe light or the most powerful industrial 120VAC siren available, we have the products ready to fill your emergency signaling needs.

Fire Station Sirens

Fire station sirens serve a critical communication need by alerting traffic and pedestrians that fire trucks are mobilizing.  Along with an integrated light system, fire station sirens increase awareness and make fire equipment deployment safer and more efficient.

Utility Sirens

Our utility sirens meet a variety of industrial and municipal needs, from hazardous materials warnings and emergency alerts to comprehensive and customized industrial warning siren systems.

Industrial Warning Siren System Design and Installation

At Sentry Siren, we’re committed to giving you the products you need to meet your needs…and your budget.  Different communities and areas require varied types of coverage and warning applications, so our team of experienced, trained professionals works with you to develop the system that makes sense for you.

With comprehensive product consultation, system design, and custom installation services, Sentry Siren has your industrial emergency signaling needs covered.

  • 117dB at 10ft.

  • Maintenance-free

  • CRES 316 SS - stainless steel version available

  • UL Listed to standard 464 (60G3)

  • 120V AC/DC and 240V AC/DC

  • Estimated effective range: 800ft.


  • 126dB at 3ft.

  • Maintenance-free

  • 45 different siren tones

  • 120VAC, 240VAC, 10-30 VDC

  • High impact ABS with stainless steel mounting bracket

  • Integrated strobe available

  • Estimated effective range: 1,000ft.


  • 113dB at 3ft.

  • Maintenance-free

  • 32 different siren tones

  • 120VAC/240VAC, 9-30VDC

  • Integrated strobe available

  • Estimated effective range: 400ft.


  • 100dB at 3ft.

  • Volume adjustable

  • 10 different siren tones

  • 24VDC, 24VAC, 115VAC and 230VAC options

  • Integrated strobe available

  • Estimated effective range: 100ft.


  • 119dB at 3ft.

  • Volume adjustable

  • 24VDC, 24VAC, 120VAC, and 230VAC options

  • 45 different siren tones

  • Integrated strobe available

  • Estimated effective range: 400ft.


  • 126dB at 3ft.

  • User recordable voice warning

  • Voice or tone playback repeatable with alternating tone alerts

  • Record warnings with included mic or upload custom audio files

  • 24VAC, 120VAC, 230VAC options

  • Integrated strobe available

  • Estimated effective range: 1,000ft.




After more than 40 years of being located in Canon City, CO, in June 2020, Sentry Siren moved to a new production facility...


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