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outdoor warning sirens for sale

At Sentry Siren, we specialize in designing custom siren systems to best fit any given project. Our complimentary Siren Site Design will take away the guesswork.


Just call, and we will connect you to a site designer who will produce an interactive, scale, 3-D  map of your project, complete with suggested siren placement, siren models, activation equipment, and estimated costs.

First, we start designing custom siren systems by studying the local terrain using the latest in satellite and aerial imagery available from Google Earth. We are then able to get a ground-level view of your community, becoming acquainted with the local terrain, populous regions, schools, parks, government offices, and business districts. We want to become as familiar as possible with the flow and dynamics of your community.

After becoming familiar with the region, we determine the optimal sites for siren placement, based on factors such as terrain, population, and availability of power. Whether you have a large metropolitan area requiring a large-scale siren system, or a intimate, rural community with smaller coverage needs, we take the time to fully customize your system. We even go so far as to examine storm history for the area such as the direction from which severe weather historically arrives, storm intensity, etc.

outdoor warning sirens for sale

After multiple potential siren options and/or sites are selected, we create a siren coverage map overlay in Google Earth, visually representing how our sirens will cover your community.  Our designers have engineered a method of projecting the siren coverage area into Google Earth while maintaining the software’s full 3-D functionality. When you have the map open in Google Earth, you can zoom, pan, hover, rotate, and change altitude with your computer mouse wheel, providing an unmatched interactive experience with the warning siren system.

And if that isn’t enough, we can even schedule a time for a Sentry designer to physically come to your community and visit with city personnel to stand on and examine the site.  We search for any potential threats to the warning system’s performance such as sound barriers, ambient noise sources, and even future development. Our site design service is a state-of-the-art product and is yet another example of the Sentry Siren difference.

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