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Industry leading omni-directional, continuous duty, electro-mechanical sirens and electronic / Giant Voice sirens. Sentry's line of warning siren is unmatched in terms of price, performance, and reliability.

Diverse capability and unmatched reliability - Sentry's industrial warning product line. Whether you are talking about the tried-and-true Sentry F-2 or the compact and powerful E-6, we have a product to meet your needs.

All the accessories you need to get your siren system up and running. Manual push-button controllers, telephone based controllers, wireless radio siren controllers, pole mounting brackets, radio transmitters/encoders, motor starters, variable frequency drives - you name it, we have you covered!

State-of-the-art weather monitoring and warning system control software. Automatic siren activation via data from the National Weather Service with our Storm Sentry software or analog VHF/UHF report-back siren telemetry with Sentry S.T.A.R. are a few examples of what we are doing to simplify and streamline the emergency management process.

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